Japan Building Another Gigantic Robot: Tetsujin

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We knew this day would come. Japan builds one giant robot and, like a first taste of heroin, the country follows a destructive path of building opulent robo statues until there's a 60-foot robot for every man, woman and child.


Now that the Gundam is complete, Kobe's Wakamatsu Park is next on the list to build their very own life-sized Tetsujin (also known as Gigantor, I believe). 60 feet tall and weighing in at 50 tons, Tetsujin will be on permanent display starting in October (an installation that may turn to semi-permanent should Tetsujin grow tired of photo ops).

And as you can see in the clip and gallery below, building a fake giant robot can't look much different from building a real giant robot. Sparks. Hardhats. Subtitles. Imminent human death. Yeah, this is about as real as fiction gets. [Kobe Tetsujin Project via toysrevil via The Awesomer via botropolis]

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Hello Mister Walrus

In 3000 years, archaeologists are going to excavate Japan, find these robots, and be like "what the fuck?".