Japanese Otaku Update: Now They're Indulging In "Factory Night Jungle Cruises"

Illustration for article titled Japanese Otaku Update: Now Theyre Indulging In Factory Night Jungle Cruises

When planning your next Japan visit, better put aside a night for a "factory night jungle cruise" if you want to be right up there with the latest Japanese otaku craze. They literally visit factories, at night.


According to Japan Trends, which brought the fad to our attention, the "factory love" is popular among photographers—which I can understand, as lit-up factories can be quite scenic—but also families and couples too. A cruise around Panasonic's factory doesn't seem quite as romantic to me as cocktails at the top of the Park Hyatt Hotel, but then the 4,500 Yen ($50) cruise ticket price is probably cheaper than a few sake cocktails anyway. [Tabism via Japan Trends]

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So let me get this straight, one of these days, if I went to Japan and flipped through the TV channels and come upon one of their soap operas... I may possibly see some steamy scene of a loved crazed couple snogging while those factories are in the background?