Japan's Sony Ericsson SO703i Smells Purty

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No longer will you have to worry about your cellphone stinking up the place. Not if NTT Docomo and Sony Ericsson have anything to do with it. The SO703i is a cellphone that includes a slot for replaceable scented sheets that give off a pleasant smell. Up to 11 different smells are available. You may think you are hot stuff with that custom ringtone, but you don't have anything on my apple pie-smelling cellphone. Japan only—sorry, folks.

Excuse me, your phone is smelling... [telephony's wireless review]

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Talk about creativity! Aside from the pretty smells your phone will be able to emit, this is a gorgeous phone. It's only too bad Asia and Europe get all the pretty phones. If you look for the phone on Sony Ericsson's Japanese site, there are custom plates and loads of cuteness.

I want this.