Jaton iRok

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Available in 1GB and 256 MB versions, the Jaton iRok is a NAND flash-based MP3 player with a 2-color OLED screen, FM tuner and voice recorder. With a nice price of $70 for the 256MB option (the 1GB price hasn't been decided on yet), it's a hearty, inexpensive player that will also let you transfer files thanks to its USB 2.0 interface. It'll also let you listen to about 20 hours of music with a built-in 3.7 volt battery. Supports MP3, WMA (DRM) and WAV music files, multiple languages (such as English, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified) and has five music equalizer effects: Normal, Jazz, Classical, Rock, and Pop. Includes a pair of stereo earphones, USB cable, CD-ROM containing Windows 98 drivers, Quick Start Guide, and neck strap.

Jaton iRok 6-in-1 MP3 Player [Bios Magazine]


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