JD Power and Associates Ranks iPhone First Among Smartphones in Customer Satisfaction

Apple took top prize in JD Power and Associates customer satisfaction survey in the smartphone category, while LG ranked first among dumbphones. But one nagging complaint kept the iPhone's scores closer to the competition.

Those surveyed gave the iPhone top marks in all the categories save one: Battery life, where it scored a below-average two out of five. The survey measures ease of operation (30% of final score), physical design (30%), features (20%), and battery life (20%). Apple's total score was a 791, above the industry average of 751, with RIM and HTC at 739 and 744, respectively.


As far as dumbphones, LG scored a high 772, with Samsung nipping at its heels with 759. Motorola tanked, which we all should have expected, with a far below average 659.

We should note, of course, that this survey does not include satisfaction with the wireless service provider at all, which we suspect would have brought the iPhone's scores down to Earth. But at the moment, the iPhone seems to be top dog. [JD Power via CNET]

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