Jeff Waldman Wants Everyone To Swing

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Who doesn't like to swing? Whether you're five or fifty, you can't help but smile when you're swinging. Jeff Waldman wants to share that joy with the world and is placing swings everywhere he can.

Waldman's passion for swings started in 2010 when he installed these playground staples throughout San Francisco. He looked for traditional and not-so traditional areas for his installations; placing them in parks, under bridges, inside buildings and even underneath docks on a sandy beach.


After seeing the joy on people's faces when they used his swings, he knew he couldn't stop. With money from organizations like the Awesome Foundation, Waldman has installed swings in the Marshall Islands, Panama, and Los Angeles. He even wants to bring the joy of swinging to Bolivia. The more, the merrier I say. [Jeff Waldman via Saab NOTCOT and The Awesome Foundation]