When you're watching Jeopardy and playing along at home, it's easy to ignore the endless run of questions you get wrong because you're not keeping score. Such is not the case with this home version of the game. It keeps track of just how ignorant you really are—so it's a good idea to maybe only play with your less-than-gifted friends.

The game comes with three controllers, but a fourth player is required to fill Alex Trebek's shoes. It connects to your TV and the designated host uses their own wireless controller to navigate the on-screen game board, read aloud clues, check answers, and award points which are prominently displayed on a glowing LCD panel. The $500 home version of Jeopardy sadly only comes with five games worth of clues, which works out to around a hundred bucks per game—yikes. But additional free content can later be downloaded adding to its replay value. Alternately, you can just create your own clues if you'd like to cheat and stack the odds in your favor.


[Hammacher Schlemmer via The Green Head]

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