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Jesus Phone Has "Black Plastic Part", Pogue Declares

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Finally breaking a worrying pattern of no iPhone news for the last five minutes, NYC-area man Mr. David Pogue has declared that the iPhone has a black plastic part on its back. "That's where the antenna is," he said. "Cellphone signals have a hard time going through metal, which is why this one piece is made of plastic." Jump for the rest of our top 5 unknown-till-a-few-minutes-ago iPhone factoids.

- The iPhone does support a landscape keyboard but, for some unknown reason, it's only enabled in the Safari Web browser. Hopefully we will get it for other apps as well.


- You can't use the iPhone on disk mode, like the rest of the iPods. That means that you can't transfer your data to go.

- iPhone can't be used as a modem for your laptop. Not surprising. Why would you like that? It uses the damn slow-as-molasses AT&T EDGE network.


- Completely unreliable sources pointed out that Apple tried using a therapist to work on the iPhone's trouble with metal, but it was unsuccessful so they finally opted for the plastic part.

OK, so I made up that last one. But really, the fact that you can use one of 25 preset ringtones is not that interesting for the top 5.

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