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JesusPhone Makes a Great Peeping TomPhone

Illustration for article titled JesusPhone Makes a Great Peeping TomPhone

Click to viewWhile all of you iPhone owners are busily pushing the envelope with your new gadget, taking calls, pinching images and locating sushi bars, some people are actually coming up with useful, critical applications. No, not hacking it. I mean making it the perfect friend for the Peeping Tom in you. At least according to this story by one of our readers.

While relaxing with my iPhone, listening to some tunes, I accidentally started up the camera app. I didn't think much of it and was about to go back to the iPod functions when I noticed a pretty girl on the preview screen. I looked over to her and everyone else on the bus and got the impression that everyone thought I just had an iPod. Since the camera hole was so small and because iPhone pictures don't make a noise I was able to snag a couple of pics of this lovely lady next to me to fawn over on my private time (maybe I should work for Geek Squad.) The iPhone was just so perfect for the task. You could even take the picture with a pinky or ring finger while holding the device unsuspectingly in your lap. Just something us iPhone people can enjoy, until they update the iPhone and put a corny loud, doorbell noise whenever you take a pic.


So today, the good news is that the iPhone is already the perfect Peeping Phone out of the box because people think it is an iPod and everybody knows iPods have no cameras. The bad news will violently arrive when someone standing behind you sees your obsession with other people's girlfriend knickers.

[Thanks Xavier Allain for sharing the experience and the photoshopped image]

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I'm gonna have to agree with Mark. Shame on you perverts. I guess it doesn't help that I'm still makin' the o face.