Do you watch Breaking Bad? If not, what is wrong with you and also you are missing out because—among many, many other fantastic things—it recently featured the fantastically weird "Wordmule" by Jim White.


Making its appearance in S05E09 "Blood Money," it plays over a montage of, er...someone doing, um...something. And from that first little bass lick I was in love. It's an aggressive tune, one that sort of reaches out and slaps you in the face sandpaper, and genre-wise it's sort of beyond categorization. Maybe like, psycho-bluegrass? Tweaker-country? I dunno, but damned if those aren't the best yodel-shouting-through-a-megaphone vocals I have ever heard.

I haven't listened to much other Jim White stuff (yet) but "Wordmule" comes off his 1997 debut Wrong-Eyed Jesus!. Since then he's put out five more, so there's plenty to work through. I just hope its all this bizarrely enthralling. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]


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