Jobs Wants Your iPod Money Once A Year

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Maybe it was due to Brian Williams' disarming demeanor, but Jobs just coughed up a nice quote during their interview today.

Jobs: You know, you keep on innovating, you keep on making better stuff. And if you always want the latest and greatest, then you have to buy a new iPod at least once a year. [Emphasis added.]

And here we thought it was because of cracked screens, scratched finishes, and battery problems that we had to buy new iPods each year. We understand it's true, if you want the latest toys, you're going to have to upgrade frequently. But it's usually not something you say out loud for fear of looking like a jerk and being misinterpreted.

At least he didn't say we needed to buy a new MacBook Pro every year.

Update: Alright, my bad. I was harsh on him when he was just speaking the truth. It's understood that if you do want the latest and greatest you're going to have to pay for it. I thought I made that clear, but the accusatory tone didn't help. Sorry!


How did we go from Apple FanBoys to Apple Haters in the same day?

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