When I first heard this song, I was on a road trip with a couple of friends a few years ago. We were bantering over the music, of course, as a bunch of idiots in a car are wont to do. Then, a friend of mine put on Ocean by John Butler Trio warning that it was like twelve minutes long but "completely worth it, just shut the hell up and trust me." The following ten minutes where some of the best non-conversation I've ever had.

Ocean is an instrumental piece, but succeeds at being what its title indicates in a completely masterful way that makes lyrics seem like cheating. The tension (and volume) rises and falls, each like the crest of a larger wave crashing against the shore of your soul, or something. There's a number of false climaxes, and with each the song only gets better. And all in all, I mean, just like...wow.


The video above isn't the version of the song we heard in that car, nor the best version in my opinion, but we've got a visual medium here, and watching the man play—despite his weird but 100 percent justified fingernails—is a joy in its own right. If you want to hear the extended version (you do) you can check it out here. So close your eyes and spend a few minutes at the ocean.