I have this chart as my ringtone. Anytime anyone calls me this is what I hear. Except my phone is almost always on silent, but whatever. The point is, "Bessie's Blues" is a great tune. And it's interesting because it's the only uptempo track on Coltrane's 1964 album Crescent, which has some pretty dark stuff going on.

Coltrane plays tenor sax with Jimmy Garrison on bass, Elvin Jones on drums and McCoy Tyner on piano. It's a stacked quartet. And the album kind of sets up for Coltrane's most famous work, A Love Supreme, which was released in 1965. "Bessie's Blues" is pretty formalist hard bop and shows, along with the rest of Crescent, how Coltrane's style was evolving out of his more free-form stage. By the way, if you want to ignore this whole post and just listen that's totally chill. Oh and also, the video has some hilarious LP sleeve flipping going on. [Amazon, iTunes, Spotify]


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