Back from Belize, crazy-man extraordinaire John McAfee has settled down in Portland for the time being. And, of course, he's still giving some characteristically insane interviews. Before he's asserted that if he's going to do drugs, they're going to be good ones. Now, in an interview with Willamette Week, he's extolling the virtues of sex with "ugly women." In a conversation about money, no less.


The interview started with a discussion of making and losing money, and McAfee took the opportunity to explain his views on capitalism, specifically that you cannot own money; it wants to "flow through you." Then, somehow, the conversation turned to a rather blunt discussion of sex and, well, the clip speaks for itself. Suffice it to say, McAfee advocates you go hit on a 10-years-out-of-practice librarian. Literally.

Willamette Week plans to run more interview clips with the once-anti-virus-mogul in the coming days, so keep your eyes out for more doubtlessly weird advice. In the meantime, maybe take this to heart. Or don't. Your call. [Willamette Week]