John Simm's New Doctor Who Costume Is Stylish as Hell

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The Master has always been one of the most snappily-dressed villains in Doctor Who history. So when you’re bringing back John Simm to reprise his incarnation of the villainous Time Lord, he needs a wardrobe worthy of the momentous occasion, and his new getup is so much better than that hoodie he had the last time we saw him.

The BBC has released a ton of new pictures from the first half of Doctor Who’s season finale, “World Enough and Time,” this morning—and although they mostly focus on the return of the Cybermen in three different flavors (the current Iron Man-esque design, the 2006 “Cybus” version, and most fabulously of all, the original and wonderfully creepy 1966 Mondasian Cybermen), the most interesting of all is a new promo shot of Simm’s Master, giving us our best look yet at the character’s return. And, well, he’s looking pretty damn masterful:


Gone is that ratty hoodie, as is the plain suit he wore back in “The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords,” replaced by a sleek and snazzy black coat. The high collar, although unbuttoned, is very evocative of the classic nehru jacket worn by Roger Delgado’s Master during the ‘70s. His trusty laser screwdriver is back in action. And unlike last time, he’s even got a traditional Master beard to boot!

Missy’s killer Mary Poppins aesthetic is a wonderful direction to have taken the Master in, but Simm’s new look is pretty much the perfect modernized take on the classic Master, and it looks damn good. Head on over to the link below to see more pictures from the episode.


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