John Williams: Star Wars Main Theme

Today John Williams—one of cinemas most memorable and prolific composers—turns 81. And even if you've never heard of him, you've certainly heard his work. He's responsible for some of the most recognizable movie soundtracks from the past 40 years.

Those two creepy notes that foreshadow an impending shark attack in Jaws? That was Williams' creation. Those five notes that the aliens used to say hello in Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Him again. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. John Williams composed the scores for everything from the Indiana Jones trilogy, to E.T., to Jurassic Park, to Home Alone, and what is arguably one of his most memorable works, Star Wars. Just try and not hum along while you watch him conduct the Boston Pops playing the Star Wars main theme. Unless your heart's made of stone, it's literally impossible not to.


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