Jon Stewart, Bored With Oscars, Pulls Out iPhone

Never before has the futility of watching films on such a tiny screen been so well encapsulated as when Jon Stewart enjoyed Lawrence of Arabia on the Oscar stage last night. If you missed it, we won't spoil the joke for you. But even after Stewart's cultural nod/low blow to the iPhone, Jobs got the last laugh as he was thanked later during Pixar's Best Animated Film acceptance speech.

PC fanboys, you just really can't win.


Yeah, but if a PC bitch slapped a Mac, the cops would haul it's mullet wearin ass off to the pokey.

And if a Mac bitch slapped a PC, the cops would haul the mullet wearin PC's ass off to jail, just for wearin a mullet.

And the whole time, the Mac would be standin there, cigarette in hand, curlers falling out, screaming, "don't take my baby-daddy to jail! My iPhone need hiz baby-daddy!"