Jon Stewart Is Totally Not Buying The Kindle 2

Jeff Bezos brought a Kindle 2 to the Daily Show last night, where Mr. Stewart lobbed some pretty hefty criticism at it. And all Bezos could do was laugh like a gassed hyena.

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And I must say I'm with Jon here. E-book readers still have a long way to go before I see them providing any benefit at all over old-fasioned glue and paper, which as Stewart puts it are "comfortably low tech." I want my shelves of books too.


Other great moments include Bezos admitting the Kindle reading voice is a "little freaky," Stewart dissing Amazon Prime, Bezos pushing the benefits of being able to read comfortably "with one hand" and Stewart feigning shock at the $359 price tag, which he was obviously well aware of: "Whoa, now that's a lot. Is that gonna come down? That's gotta come down."

Hey Jon, if you want to review gadgets for Gizmodo any time, let us know. I'm with you here buddy. Oh, and if any of you want to see the above video edited down to only contain Bezos's forced cackling, hit up Valleywag (and get ready for nightmares). [Daily Show, Valleywag]

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