Julian Assange Loses Fight to Remain in the UK

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Julian Assange has just lost his legal battle against extradition from the UK. That leaves the doors wide open for him to be deported to Sweden to finally face allegations of sexual abuse which took place on its shores.

The Guardian reports that Britain's highest court ruled this morning that Assange's pleas to remain on UK soil be rejected. Judge Phillips, ones of the ruling judges, explained that the case "has not been easy to resolve."

Julian Assange wasn't actually present for the announcement, as he was held up in heavy traffic, but the result comes as a blow to him and his organization WikiLeaks.


According to the New York Times, the British government is "now expected to announce an extradition date within 10 days." When the time comes, Assange will be handed over to Swedish authorities.

There is one final route Assange can take: he can appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. But if that court declines to take his case, he will have no option but to return to Sweden and face the music. [The Guardian, New York Times]