A hammock is supposed to be the most relaxing thing that this world has to offer. It is the picture of carefree contentment. This giant hammock hung over a canyon though? Absolutely intense, the total opposite. People use the spacenet to base jump and slack line and other extreme things that’s so batshit fun and crazy that it’s almost stressful just watching them.

Red Bull writes:

“Sketchy” Andy Lewis and his crew of Moab Monkeys gathered 80 volunteers to rig together the hammock/slackline/BASE launch pad for some seriously good times suspended above the Moab desert.

All together, the two Spacenets weigh just [220 lbs] but they are able to support a crowd of over 15 people on there, with each of the seven ‘legs’ of the Spacenets monitored with dynometers to track the load, which peaked at 15Kn (that’s Kilonewtons, converting to about 1,529kg of force.) How strong is it really? Strong enough that a dude decided to turn it into a big rope-swinging exit for a BASE jump.


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