Jurassic Park's Dinosaur Sound Effects Were Actually Animal Sex Sounds

So, uh, this is an uncomfortable one. You know the dinosaur sounds from Jurassic Park that framed the way you imagined every dinosaur ever? They were actually recordings of animals boning, or just about to bone.


The velociraptor raspy bark, a basic means of communication for the dinosaurs in the film, were actually cut from raunchy turtle bits. "It's somewhat embarrassing, but when the raptors bark at each other to communicate, it's a tortoise having sex," Jurassic Park sound designer Gary Rydstrom told NY Mag. Non-sex sounds that went into the raptor's effects include a nasty goose hiss, which is what you hear just before Muldoon gets mauled by the clever raptor girl. (Spoiler?)

The flock of Gallimimus that almost runs down Dr. Grant, Tim, and Lex, was recorded from a horse in heat beckoning over a male stud (no, really), and when one gets eaten by a surprise T-Rex, its screams are taken from a dolphin in heat.

Not all the sound effects are from horny animals, of course. Some are adorable, like the T-Rex's roar, which was chiefly designed from a baby elephant. You can check out more sounds and origins over at NY Mag. But the broad lesson here, maybe, is that animals make really interesting sounds when they're having sex. Some of which make it into movies. [NY Mag]



Is Jurassic Park considered a cult hit or something? It was meh back then and far inferior to Michael Crichton's source material. Why are there so many articles about JP all of sudden?