How many times do you check your clock before going to bed to make sure the morning alarm's been set? With Lexon's new Flip it should really only be once since the top and bottom of the alarm clock feature the words 'on' and 'off' in big, obvious letters.

When 'on' is visible on top it indicates the clock's alarm has been activated, and the wake-up time will appear to the right of the actual time. And when 'off' is visible on top it means you get to sleep in for as long as you want. A touch sensor on the 'on' side lets you deactivate the alarm or request a few minutes of snooze time, and an electroluminous LCD display means you check the time all night long. So for $50 you get a snazzy alarm clock and a little extra peace of mind that you'll wake up on time in the morning unless your name is Matt Buchanan.



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