Justice means scooping out a man's eyeballs on Haven

Haven is not a great place to live if you're keen on hanging on to your body parts. Not only is the Bolt-Gun Killer running around collecting bits of their victims, some Troubled person has caused Haven's local upskirt photographer to lose his eyeballs. And, true to form, the Trouble is just getting started.


When Nathan and Audrey are called in on the eyeball theft, their first thought is that the Bolt-Gun Killer has struck again. But the victim, a creeper who has managed to evade any legal (or Gawker-based) repercussions, managed to snap a photo of his attacker: a woman in a white dress. Since Audrey and Nathan seem to think that the Bolt-Gun Killer is a man acting alone at this point, this lady seems to be a different sort of tissue thief.

Meanwhile, Duke is in court, dealing with a pesky illegal parking charge. He manages to talk his way out of the parking ticket, but the judge notes that Duke's liquor license is not in order, meaning he'll have to close the Grey Gull until he gets it sussed out. When he returns to his car, he finds a woman in white has slashed his tires. (Confidential to folks who live in horror towns: unless she's about to say "I do," avoid ladies in white.) She also scrapes her knife against his paint job before disapparating. Later that night, she appears in the Grey Gull and starts smashing up the place.

Eventually, the Troubleshooters realize the identity of their mystery woman: she's Lady Justice, as depicted in the court mural. Someone has pulled her out of the mural and is sending her after folks who have appeared in court, assuming they are guilty. At first, the Troubleshooters think it's the judge, but after he helps Nathan out with a shady prisoner transfer (more on that later), the judge finds himself on the wrong side of Justice's sword. The real culprit is the court reporter, who has spent years watching the guilty go unpunished. Audrey, however, manages to guilt the woman into turning Lady Justice on herself. The supernatural executioner forces the court reporter into the mural, ensuring that she'll continue to watch the court helplessly for the rest of eternity. Not the most exciting Trouble, but at least we got a creepy ending out of it.

Nathan is still trying to infiltrate the tattooed Guard of Haven by getting in good with Jordan. To win her trust, she says, he'll have to grant her a favor: arrange for a prisoner to be transferred from Shawshank Prison (a little nod to King there). Nathan makes it happen, and after calling Jordan to let her know the transfer is going through, he follows her and watches her spring the prisoner with the help of her pain powers. Nathan even saves her bacon when one of the prison guards aims a gun at her. Later, she reveals that the prisoner was a Troubled man who was incarcerated after unwittingly setting fire to his house and killing his child. So the Guard is sort of like the mutant rights' league of Haven? Nathan seals her newfound trust of him with a kiss.

Off in Dr. Claire and Audrey land, Audrey is trying to piece together the bits of the Colorado Kid she remembers from her dream. Dr. Claire recommends using composite software to develop an image of the Colorado Kid, but as Audrey is shifting through all the virtual facial features, she gets a report on a real one: The Bolt-Gun Killer has struck again, and this time they've taken a woman's chin. Audrey finally realizes what was revealed to us last episode, that the Bolt-Gun Killer is building a woman. Now we just need to figure out why.




I am beginning to wonder if the Bolt-Gun Killer is building an Audrey if only because the parts he is collecting look very Audrey like.

So maybe Audrey herself is a Golem?