Justin Bieber Got Kicked Off Facebook

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There probably won't be riots over the fact that Justin Bieber was kicked off Facebook. That's because it wasn't the teenage heartthrob who lost access to the social networking site. Instead it was just an unfortunately named Florida resident.

Turns out that someone at Facebook was under the impression that Justin Bieber of Jacksonville, FL was using a fake name in his profile and disabled his account. Any attempts by Bieber to clear up the mess have failed so far.

Of course, Facebook confusion isn't the only way that a certain singing sensation's existence is affecting this Bieber's life:

"Artists saying, 'I am going to be working with you this weekend.' I say, 'no, you're not, you don't want to sing with me,'" said Bieber.

He changed his phone number and put it in his wife's name, but it still was put on a fan website. Now he gets even more calls - sometimes 50 messages in two hours. Usually, he just unplugs the phone.


He also still gets anywhere from two to 10 fan letters a day.

There's no word on whether the older Bieber has considered changing his name to avoid further harassment and confusion. [First Coast News via Reddit]