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As if we haven't seen enough iPod docks already, JVC chips in its contribution with the NX-PS1-W, a couple of satellites with a subwoofer, and a USB port through which you play MP3 or WMA tracks from any music player or USB drive. Sit back with the remote and rock the house with the tracks of your choice. Available in Japan now, it's $275.

There's something appealing about the small form factor of this setup. Each little module is just 90mm wide, and its punchy 10W x2 channels and 30W sub have the potential to sound pretty damn good. Too bad there's no iPod dock connector to charge up your player while you listen.


Update: JVC tells us it's now selling this NX-PS1 in the US for about $250, and it has an iPod connector that offers charging and control of play, stop, skip and volume. Even better! We regret the error. (Thanks, Terry!)

Product Page [JVC]

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