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Weird Science: We already saw a hint of the NX-PN7 in a previous newswire leak, and here it is: an iPod dock that has room for two of the players. I guess you'd be able to charge two at once. Maybe you have an iPhone and a classic, the classic holding the bulk of your collection. April arrival at $150.
The Catch: There is no rhyme or reason for such a setup, other than to show off how big a fanboy you are. Consider me weirded out.



New NX-PN7 plays and charges two iPod players; new iPod-docking clock radio also debuts.

LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2008 - iPod® users can double their listening pleasure with the new JVC NX-PN7, an iPod dock that holds two of the ubiquitous music players. The new dual dock is joined by another new JVC iPod dock, the RA-P31, a clock radio-style model.

The new dual dock NX-PN7 accommodates two iPod players side-by side, charging them simultaneously and offering playback from each through the dock's speaker system. Supplementing iPod playback is an AM/FM tuner, and adding to the unit's versatility is a clock and timer. In addition, there's an analog audio input for connecting other devices for playback.

Though the NX-PN7 handles two iPod players, it measures a mere 13 inches wide. It features sleek and sophisticated styling, with a black cabinet and speaker grille, and controls arrayed clearly and logically in a band along the bottom. Adding a bit of flair are two illuminated strips, one under each docked iPod. These can display one of nine colors - including white, blue, red and others. The included remote features dedicated iPod control keys that simulate the iPod control wheel layout and users are able to easily shuffle, repeat, scroll and select songs from the iPod menu.

For those searching for a portable iPod-playing replacement for the standard clock radio, JVC offers RA-P31. This low-profile unit features an iPod dock on top, FM tuner, calendar, dual alarm, white backlit display, two-inch built-in stereo speakers and a surround mode to produce a wider sound field. There's also an auxiliary input for connecting another playback device, and an included remote control. What's more, the RA-P31 can be AC- or battery-powered (six AA batteries). The RA-P31, measures just over one-foot long, stands less than three inches tall and weighs 1.6 lbs. (without batteries).

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