K-9 Makes A Comeback

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Some of us here at Gizmodo have never had much love for AIBO, if only because we watched a lot of Dr Who growing up and no robot dog of our present could ever hope to compare with K-9. Sony, please feel free to discuss this with us if you ever trot out an AIBO with a laser in its nose, but till then our opinion holds firm.


Anyway, fellow K-9 fans will be happy to know that our favorite canine Companion is experiencing a major renaissance this year. The photo above is the 2006 version that will be appearing in the current series of Dr Who (starring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor) and the image at right is K-9 as it will look starring in its own 26-part comedy adventure series, a mixture of live action and animation titled the K-9 Adventures. Interactive toy K-9s are planned as part of the merchandise for the latter series; one of these plus a ridiculously long scarf and you've got the start of a promising Halloween costume.