Many people already hate Kanye West, because he does things like shoot extravagant music videos in which he, in a frenzy, stomps across police cars in a seizure-inducing supernova of light and magnificence. They resent it! But it is wonderful.

Today's GIF, from the All of the Lights video, takes the song's name literally. And does it pays a resplendent tribute. You see those lights up there? That is all of them. All of the lights at once. Why do you hate Kanye? He just wants to stop around atop this car, blinded by photons, stomping, spinning, arms in the air, sirens spinning. Stare at this. Stare and this and wonder why you hate Kanye. Or stare at it and hate Kanye more. But stare either way. All of the lights, all of the lights.


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