Karim Rashid's Scissors Are Probably Quite Difficult to Pick Up

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Thanks to their lay-flat design, these Japanese stainless steel scissors wouldn't be the first pair you'd grab in a cutting-emergency. They are suitable for both lefties and righties, though, and cost just $25. Not bad for a designer cut. [Slice via The Green Head via OhGizmo]

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The "OK for lefties" claim is total BS. As a lefty, I can tell you that those scissors will work just as shittily as any other scissors I try to pick up and use with my left hand. They are right-handed scissors, period.

I went on the website and they claim to be "incredibly comfortable for both lefties and righties." Newsflash: the issue with lefties using scissors isn't that the grips are uncomfortable. It's that they WON'T CUT STUFF. This is because if you put standard scissors in your left hand, your thumb motion drives the blades apart, rather than against each other.

Scissors are tools and therefore need to be designed with functionality in mind. I'm actually a fan of creative design, and am often willing to pay extra for a well designed item that also has aesthetic appeal. Too many people believe that creative design is a waste. Not when it's done right, but this is not an example of doing it right. By revealing how little they understand about the tool they've redesigned, the makers of these scissors are disrespecting all the good designers out there.