Joel Johnson — We've got a computer center set up in a house here in Algiers and are trying to gather the information we'll need to get people from the community register for FEMA's assistance. Not only does FEMA's web site not work in anything but IE, the god damn thing is down right now.

Motherfucking FEMA, a federal disaster agency, running on the internet that was designed to operate as a communications network in national emergency, can't manage to keep up a few dozen webservers.

Update: Okay, it appears to be mostly up again. Yargh.

Here's the next problem. We went through all that trouble to rig an antenna and have discovered that their signal is only transmitting about a couple of blocks instead of the 4-7 miles we expected. Ouch, right?


If you are a radio sort of dude who could give these guys some advice on calibration or in-the-field troubleshooting, hit me with an email at I have no idea what testing equipment we have, but I think there may be a multimeter floating around here somewhere.

If we can't get this thing broadcasting at least through Orleans Parish, though, it's probably not going to be worth the manpower to staff it.