Keep Your Lunch Time Power-Ups in This Game Boy Bento Box

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Nothing feels quite as long as those morning hours at work leading up to lunch. And if you need more motivation to power through all those emails and voicemails, just remember that lunch time means you get to break into this Game Boy bento box full of power-ups and maybe even a mushroom or two.

Available in late September from The Fowndry for about $20, the Game Box doesn’t come with Tetris, but it does include five separate compartments all made from BPA-free plastic, and a watertight lid so that it won’t leak in your bag. And while it won’t play Super Mario Bros. either, it is compatible with the one game everyone at the office loves to play: how long can we stretch out our lunch break before returning to work?


[Mustard via The Fowndry via Laughing Squid]

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