KEF Picoforte 1 Digital Component Audio System Pwns Other iPod Docks

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If this KEF Picoforte 1 Digital Component Audio System sounds even half as good as its full-sized KEF big brothers, you're in for a treat. Continuing KEF's tradition of flying-saucer-like design, this iPod dock is modern-looking without going so far as imitating alien heads. Composed of a couple of six-inch KEF 1001 speaks, each powered with 25 watts of goodness, KEF left out the subwoofer, but the company cheerfully encourages you to take a look and listen to some of its exceptionally clean-sounding subs that will easily plug into its line-out jack. We can tell you firsthand that KEF subwoofers will rattle the depths of your soul with clean-sounding rock and roll.


KEF has incorporated its Uni-Q technology into these diminutive speakers, which are still able to project plenty of separation even when they're positioned closely together. The system even has a S-Video and composite video outputs so you can watch the on-screen display of your iPod's antics, and there's a remote control shaped like a credit card to let you enjoy all the iPod's functions from afar. Other MP3 players can play along, too, by plugging in a 3.5mm audio jack, albeit without all that complete iPod control.

KEF says this mini system, available in either black or white, will be available next month in the UK for a whopping £250, which is $513 in real money. Ouch. It better sound pretty damn good for that kind of money. [HiFix]



Well for that kind of money i'll just buy a pair of bose speakers.................

Im guessing these are cross compatible with other model ipods and compatible with other MP3 players.

With all of the rich people with ipods in the world i guess this will do sort of good.

Dont most rich people use other means of portable Media. IE: Laptops........