Kensington Introduces sd200v Video USB Dock and Other Notebook Accessories

Kensington's new $139 sd200v is a single hub that can manage your keyboard, mouse, printer and iPod, plus speakers, microphone and even a VGA monitor, all tied to your laptop by a single USB cable. The catch is that the DualView DisplayLink USB video connection is Windows-only, and it's not likely to be high on performance. Still, only having to unplug one cable when you're on the go is a huge boon.

At the same time, Kensington has introduced two notebook stands: one with the remarkably descriptive name Notebook Stand with USB Hub ($79), and the other, the slightly cooler Easy Riser Cooling Notebook Stand ($29), both below.


Here's an excerpt from the press release:

'Connect it' Notebook Accessories: Productivity Made Simple

Kensington is also announcing additions to its "Connect It" line of notebook accessories, designed to create more room on the consumer's desktop and enhance overall notebook usage. The sd200v Notebook Docking Station with Video lets consumers connect all their peripherals to any notebook with a single USB connection, and built-in DualView technology lets them use an external monitor to display or extend the notebook's virtual desktop with the simple push of a button—doubling the amount of screen space and dramatically improving user productivity. The two notebook stands, which round out the new line, feature Kensington's SmartFit adjustment system, allowing users to achieve an optimal monitor height in seconds. The Easy Riser Cooling Notebook Stand elevates notebooks to dissipate heat, while the Notebook Stand with USB Hub attaches to any notebook to create a desktop workstation.

The additions to the Kensington "Connect It" line of notebook accessories include the sd200v Notebook Docking Station with Video (SKU K33415), Notebook Stand with USB Hub (SKU K60723) and Easy Riser Cooling Notebook Stand (SKU K60112).

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