Kenwood's VDR-55 In-Car DVD Player

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If you haven't jumped on the incredibly safe DVD-player-in-the-car bandwagon just yet, Kenwood may have something in the woodworks to change your mind. Their VDR-55 plays standard DVDs and DVD-Rs, as well as CDs loaded with your quality collection of MP3 and WMA files. They're even hawking a special cable to connect your iPod directly to the unit, totally making the use of CDs obsolete. Kenwood's also releasing the LZ-702IR 7-inch screen in conjunction with the VDR-55. With a resolution of 480x234, the VDR-55's $522 partner in crime will actually be available first, sometime later this month (in Japan, of course) while the $427 VDR-55 won't hits stores until late June. Better check to see if your insurance premiums are affected by having an entertainment center installed in that sweet ride of yours.

Press Release (in Japanese) [Kenwood via Akihabara News]