Keurig B70 Single-Cup Brewer for Coffee in a Flash

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What's that on the kitchen counter, a portable nuclear weapon? Or is that a Romulan warbird? No, it's a coffeemaker, the Keurig Platinum B70 Single-Cup Brewer that can crank out a cup of coffee in no time flat. It gives you a choice of using four different cup sizes, from an intense 5.25-oz. cup to a 11.25-oz. travel mug-sized portion. Its water reservoir holds 60 ounces—that'll be about enough to last your Gizmodo coffee fiends about a half-hour.

The B70 gives you a convenient and stylish way to avoid all the mess and bother of brewing up a quick cup of coffee, and it's a snap to just insert its patented K-Cup that has the coffee and filter all in one. Flip the switch and that java's ready to go just three minutes later. Available at the first of October, it'll be $200.


Keurig Platinum B70 K Cup Single-Cup Brewer Now Available [Single Serve]