Key & Peele’s YouTube Did Something Special for the Release of Us

Key and Peele, on their way home from a horror movie.
Key and Peele, on their way home from a horror movie.
Image: Comedy Central

Before Jordan Peele was one of the best horror directors in the business, he was one half of the comedy duo Key & Peele, whose sketch show ran for five seasons from 2012 to 2015. Hopefully you know this already. But if you don’t, the show’s YouTube is ready to introduce you to one of their many, many delightful sketches.


To honor the release of Us, the Key & Peele YouTube channel did something special for the former star, re-uploading a sketch about the lingering unease of a horror movie and the lengths we’ll go to to avoid admitting that we’re actually really frightened.

I haven’t yet seen Us, but I have to imagine this is how I’m going to feel coming out of the theater. “Wait, does that person look like me? OH! Oh, no, no, no, I’m not scared. Just… can I crash at your place tonight?”

Watching a sketch like this is also a delight, because you can see Peele’s love of horror coming through in a playful way. I have to imagine he was the driving force behind sketches like this. Also, protip: always park close when you’ve going to see a horror movie. Much safer.

Us is in theaters now. 

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Pope Somhairle, Bishop of Evans, Pine, Hemsworth, Anti-Pratt

Keagan Michael Key is still my favorite performer of the duo, but you can see where the brain for a lot of it was in Peele.

Shit, now I’m going to waste an afternoon on Hulu watching this show.