Kickball Ice Cream Maker Ensures You Earned That Tasty Dessert

Making ice cream is pretty easy: Basically, all you do is churn some milk and sugar in an ice-cold container. Usually, that container is a tub-shaped thing with a crank, but it could take any shape. Even, say, a kickball. Now you'll really make sure the kids got enough exercise before dessert.

From Hammacher Schlemmer (where else?), the creatively named, $35 Kickball Ice Cream Maker does exactly what its name suggests. With your ingredients locked away inside the ice chamber, this confectioner's kickball promises a pint of delicious foot ice cream after just 20 minutes of play. I assume that's got to be some pretty active play—no lollygagging or slow-rolling if you want ice cream.


Let's hope that the two halves of The Kickball Ice Cream Maker screw together nice and snug. Otherwise, your dessert might come out with more than just grassy highlights. [Hammacher Schlemmer via CNet]

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