Kinda Extreme Skimboarding Captured By Very Extreme Camerawork

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GoPro cameras are our go-to choice for filming extreme sports of any kind, but we weren't nearly as creative as this duo who attached their GoPro to a broom handle and started winging it back and forth while skimboarding.


This short video, entitled "Skimboarding in a Storm," is supposed to be noteworthy for its display of courageous watersporting in the face of meteorological danger. I was much more impressed by its cool camerawork.

The idea is pretty simple: attach the rugged, waterproof Go Pro camera to a stick and pass it to the skimboarder as he whizzes by so he can film himself skimming. But when they start tossing the monopod to each other in the air and catching it, the results are pretty awesome. [Neatorama]