Amazon's got something cooking. First, we saw a huge fire sale on Kindle Fires, now the wonderful Wi-Fi Kindle Paperwhite has gone out of stock on Amazon's website. Looks like someone's trying to clean house.


The 3G Kindle Paperwhite—$179 to the Wi-Fi Paperwhite's $119—is still in stock, but it's probably a safe bet to assume that when those are gone, they're gone as well. You can still pick up the Wi-FI version on from non-Amazon sources at a markup. And weirdly enough, a product page for the Paperwhite Wi-Fi seems to suggest they're still in stock, but won't let you put any in your cart.

We've heard reports that new Kindle Fires are on the horizon, so why not a new ereader then too? After all, the Paperwhite is coming up on a year old. We'll just have to wait and see. [Amazon via GigaOm]


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