Kingston Technology released an 8GB CompactFlash Elite Pro card, a Type 1 solid-state storage device which the company says transfers data at a fairly rapid clip for a CF Card. The company quotes a read speed of 8MB per second and write speed of 6.75MB per second, which is not the fastest 8GB CF card we've seen, at least as far as manufacturers' specs go. That nod would go to the SanDisk Ultra II 8GB CF card which boasts a read speed of 10MBps and a write speed of 9MBps.


This could all be empty boasting, though—your speed may vary. We're just amazed that they can put so much data on such a small object. Plus, the thing costs less than $400, retailing for $399.99 but probably selling for much less than that on the street.

Product Page [Kingston Technology Company]