Kiss Helmet Hair Goodbye With This Ventilating Insert

An Australian company has created this AirHead helmet insert which helps reduce the embarrassing effects of 'helmet hair' for motorcycle riders. It also further solidifies Australia's position as the world leader in hair style preservation.

When your head is crammed inside a helmet for hours at a time, it can get pretty hot and humid in there which has the unfortunate side effect of flattening your do. So the AirHead creates a little bit of extra space between your scalp and the helmet, helping to keep things cool, sweat-free, and preserving the wearer's hair style.


It's just $25, installs without any kind of adhesives, and even comes in a variety of different designs letting perfectly coiffed bikers express their individuality.

If you think Easy Rider wouldn't have jumped at this product were it available in the 60's, you're kidding yourself. There's nothing wrong with looking good while you're sticking it to the man. [Two Wheel Cool via Ubergizmo]

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