Kitchen Computing Goes Star Trek

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Some people install monitors in their walls for kitchen-computing, but usually stop at Windows or OS X for the OS. Not Dutchman Pascal, though—who created a Windows XP skin inspired by Star Trek's LCARS interface.

His sleek, modern pad suits the futuristic LCARS UI well, as you cans see in the video above. He uses it for his calendar, train schedules, a shopping list for groceries, browsing the internet and of course watching and listening to media (not to mention downloading from torrents).

If you're gagging to install something similar, Pascal has some disappointing words for you: "I'm sorry to say that this one is not suitable to be used by others. Because the programming is very specific for the hardware I used and also some things are hardcoded just for my preference. Maybe some day I will make it more universal so that it is better suited for public use." [CodImp via YouTube via @matthewcashmore via @bobbiejohnson]