Kitty Tanning Bed is a Bad Sign for Humanity

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This is a tanning bed for cats and dogs. Also, it is a sign of the apocalypse and/or the downfall of the American empire. Because really, when you're tanning your pets, you don't deserve to have any influence over the rest of the world. You're officially an idiot.

Essentially, this thing is a sunshine simulator, making your pet feel like its laying out in the sun even when it's the middle of February. But do you know what else a pet can sleep in front of to feel warm? A heater or a fireplace. It's not like there needs to be a bright light there to confuse your cat about what season it is, and last time I checked pets don't need to tan, as they're covered in hair. If you purchase this you should officially lose your right to use currency and should forfeit agency over your finances to a third party with some sense in its damned head. [TrendHunter via BornRich]