K'NEX's New Build-a-Blaster K-FORCE Line Is Finally Fully Revealed

It was just a week or so ago that we got our first sneak peek at K'NEX's new K-FORCE blaster line that turned the unique building toy into a do-it-yourself foam dart arsenal. And with the UK Toy Fair well under way, the folks at Blaster Labs got an in-depth look at the entire K-FORCE lineup that's set to hit stores later this year.


The blasters range in price from just $15 for the smallest of the lot, the 91-piece K-10X building set. And up to $45 for the 335-piece Mega Boom that lets kids build a giant double-barrel dart blaster, or a pair of pistols for squaring off against a friend. The sets are of course compatible with older K'NEX pieces so kids can take advantage of their existing collections, and each kit includes plans for alternate weapon designs which should go a long way to boosting their replay value. [K'NEX via Blaster Labs]


Photos courtesy Blaster Labs

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