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Knitted 1:1 Scale Ferrari Makes Perfect Xmas Stocking

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's Xmas time, which means love, family, friendship, hope and, the really important part: Xmas stocking booty! And megalomaniac 22-year old Lauren Porter, a student at Bath Spa University, is going for a huge lot with her knitted scale 1:1 Ferrari. Seeing her posing next to it gives you the idea of how huge this thing is:


The knitted Ferrari, which looks like a Testarossa, has a total of 250 squares made by Lauren and 20 more people. All the little details crochet and Ferrari badge on the front is embroidered. Right now, there's a steel frame—welded by Lauren herself—supporting all that wool. Hopefully some Ferrari owner will pay her to get it to keep a real one warm during winter. [Ananova via Treehugger]