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The price wars that seem to have given e-ink based E-readers a new lease on life continue, with Kobo quietly introducing an ad-supported version of their Kobo Touch that will shave $40 off the price tag.


Available in just a few weeks for US residents only, the Kobo Touch with Offers comes in at $100. That's $40 cheaper than the ad-free version, the same price as the ad-supported Kindle Touch, and about $20 more than the ad-supported basic Kindle. Following in Amazon's footsteps, the new version of the Kobo Touch will display ads on the lockscreen when the E-reader is switched off or in sleep mode, as well as at the bottom of the homescreen. The ads won't appear inside eBooks, though, as Kobo promises to keep them "...outside of the reading experience."

Unlike the ad-supported Kindle, there doesn't appear to be a way to pay for an update that will let you opt out of the Kobo Touch's offers at a later date. So you'll want to make sure you know what you're in for before you slap down a benjamin on one. [Kobo via The-eBook-Reader]

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