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Kodak introduced four new EasyShare digital cameras, all in the midrange of pricing and features and planned for release in the spring of this year. The EasyShare C533 is a 5-megapixel model with a 3x optical zoom and a 1.8 inch LCD. It's the lowest-priced camera of this flurry of releases, selling for $199 and available in June of this year. The EasyShare C643 takes it up a notch, where its 6.1-megapixel sensor can be viewed through a 2.4 inch LCD. It also has a 3x optical zoom, and will be available in April for $249.

The EasyShare V603 is also a 6.1-megapixel camera with a slightly larger 2.5-inch LCD viewfinder. It adds 640x480 MPEG-4 video capability at 30 frames per second and will sell for $299 in April. The fourth model to be introduced today is the EasyShare Z612, whose claim to fame is a 12x optical zoom lens by Schneider-Kreuznach. Also priced at $299, it s a 6-megapixel camera with a 2.5 inch viewfinder and 640x480 video capability.


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