Kodak EasyShare G600 Printer Dock

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Kodak's on a release binge today with word that the EasyShare G600 Printer Dock will be available sometime this month. It's a standard portable printer but with a dock connector to—you guessed it—connect compatible cameras, charging the camera and sending all your great shots to the printing press. There's no onboard LCD, but considering that you're supposed to actually dock your digital camera rather than just plug in a memory card, it's not that great a loss. Printing takes only about 60 seconds per shot, so it should fit your incredibly busy lifestyle. You'll also find the assorted picture enhacements that Kodak loves to include in all of its digital camera product. We meet again, Perfect Touch.


The G600 should be available before the end of the month for around $149.95.

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whats news here? they have one of these docks for all of their cameras