Korg MS-20 Mini: A 1970's Patchable Synthesizer Shrunken Down and Resurrected

From 1978 to 1983, Korg produced the MS-20, a two-oscillator analog synth that was patchable with 1/4-inch cables a lot like a custom modular synth setup (See the original below). People liked it because of its smooth sound and because the patch panel allowed you a limited degree of customizability without needing to invest in additional units. The MS-20 mini is this classic synth reborn in a tinier package.

According to Korg, the MS-20 mini's guts and sound are identical to the original's despite its smaller size. The 1/4-inch patch plugs have been replaced with 1/8-inch mini-plugs to accommodate the smaller size. The new synth has also been reworked for our digital days with USB-MIDI I/O. No word on price yet, but given Korg's usual range expect something in the $700 range. [Korg]


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