Koss Fit Series Ears On: Big Sound from Tiny, Cheap Headphones

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It's great when you find a pair of headphones that you can wear while you're working out without thinking about them. Koss's new line of Fit Series Headphones are just that—they're lightweight, they fit well, and sound pretty damn good for something that's super dinky and only $30.


But, they're Just for Women. Groan away, because that's exactly what the packaging says. But if you can get past that, they're not a bad product. Available starting today on Koss.com, the headphones come in two versions—the Fitbuds are straight earbuds and FitClips have hooks that go over your ears. Both are available in five cheery color options. In terms of design, they're basically a smaller, much lighter weight, less expensive version of the Polk Ultrafit 3000 Sport Headphones, although the Koss models feel a bit flimsy.


The Fit Series isn't too heavy on the bass, but they're clear and detailed for something so slight. And in spite of their size, they get pretty loud. They never slipped out of my ear on a run, and they didn't get that gross, sweaty gym feel your earbuds sometimes suffer from.

But rather unfortunately, the Fit Series models lack controls on the cord, which kind of defeats the purpose of sports headphones in the first place. It's pretty distracting when you have to look at your phone in the middle of a workout to change a song or adjust the volume. And on top of that flaw, the female-focused marketing is a little bit insulting. But if you don't feel like dropping $53 on a pair of top-notch Sennheiser running headphones, the Koss Fit Series are a safe bet (if you're a lady) (just kidding, if you're any person with ears).

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Not bad considering a brand that used to sell utter crap! +1 KOSS